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The seven-point try rule will apply only to the Varsity Cup. There will be a new red-card rule this year. If a red card is given to a player, his team will play for 15 minutes with one less player. The player given the red card will leave the field.

Varsity Cup organisers have confirmed the tournament's transformation policy for the 2019 edition. … system will be the same for all competitions and that they will revert back to the current, normal, rugby scoring system.

For the 2018 season, the Varsity Cup introduced a Power Play rule; when a team calls for the Power Play, they can nominate two opposition backline players to be removed from the field of play for a period of three minutes.‎Competition rules and … · ‎Teams · ‎Standings · ‎Matches

The FNB Varsity Cup has long been at the forefront of rugby rules and law innovation. Here is all the insight you'll need on how rules and laws are being applied in 2020…

Varsity Cup rugby will introduce a new Power Play rule in 2018 which will encourage coaches to employ exciting, attacking tactics.

Varsity Rugby is the collective name for four South African rugby union competitions involving the top rugby playing universities in the country. … A Young Guns tournament for the Under-20 side of the Varsity Cup teams was launched in 2012. … The Varsity Rugby competitions implemented rules to help ensure that the majority of the players are bona fide students of the relevant …No. of teams‎: ‎9 (Cup); 7 (Shield)

The 10th edition of the Varsity Cup will see a number of rule and format changes, which includes the addition of a ninth … Varsity Rugby is also reverting to two-point conversions and three-point penalty kicks and drop goals.

The Varsity Cup Rugby Rules for 2018 have been released, with a power play being introduced.

The Varsity Cup Rugby competition will – once again – lend itself to experimentation, with the importance of tries being the major focus ahead of the 2012 tournaments. Varsity Cup Rugby, which now consists of the FNB …

FNB Varsity Cup has dropped the Power Play rule and will use the same points system for all competitions in the 2019 season. FNB Varsity Cup will no longer use the Power Play rule and will implement World Rugby's points …