Ongoing Work at the Club: Help Needed!

The Fun Day was an unqualified success!

First and foremost, I’d like to thank all the players, from the Women’s to the Juniors to the Seniors for their much valued help on the day before and the Fun Day itself. Events like these don’t go off smoothly without the aid of dozens of people all trying their best and yesterday was a perfect example of what can be achieved when a united club pitches in together.

It was fantastic to see so many women, men and kids decked out in the striped jersey of Eve’s Ham, all performing their roles admirably. Everything from the parking, the games, music and even the BBQ, were managed by our players and it was wonderful to see that the people from the local area wanted to come and support us. Although no official attendance numbers were taken, the fields were pretty much full of people from 1pm and we were lucky enough to have the weather on our sides – let’s hope that all of our other events will be as well attended!

The money taken at the bar, the BBQ and from the raffle has been collected and put into the bank, leaving us with an unexpected dose of cash which we can now use to fix up some odds and ends around the club house.

Whereas last year’s fundraiser¬†was specifically targeted at fixing our roof (a task that was completed this year!) the money from this year’s efforts will be going towards simply maintaining the clubhouse. The building that currently stands on our grounds dates back to the 80s. Although the basic structure of the clubhouse is solid, we’re finding that certain parts are showing their wear.

The kitchen in particular needs the most attention. Although some players might argue that the need for new training equipment is of greater importance than the state of our ovens – we believe otherwise. It’s imperative that we continue to maintain the entirety of the club, so that future generations of members can continue to benefit from it.

With that in mind, appliance repairs will be the first item on our list of improvements. For some years now, Margie and Andy have somehow been able to keep serving their delicious pies and pasties from ovens that are verging on the decrepit. Once these have been cleaned, fixed and updated where necessarily, they’ll be able to crack on and do an even better job than before; something that we’ll all be grateful of, I’m sure.

We’re also putting some cash aside to replace the large majority of the carpets throughout the bar, conference and reception areas. Many of these floors haven’t changed since the inception of the club. Now the floor is hardly the first thing that most people think to care about, but considering the amount of kids that we often see sprawled all over it, it would be nice to get some new ones in and might even persuade more people book events here, giving the club another valuable source of income.

Fingers crossed we’ll have all of these little updates finished by the time the season starts!


Jeff ‘Bully’ Cowston

Chairman, Eve’s Ham Rugby Club