Fundraiser for Conservatory Roof Replacement

Alright lads and ladies!

The time has come for the yearly Eve’s Ham Fundraiser! We all did a great job last year with the 24-hour Pong marathon, props go out to Margie and Andy for winning the men’s and women’s, respectively. You both put the time in practicing, and it really showed. It was a wonderful day/night and we managed to raise a grand total of £834.22.

Now, I know these proceeds were meant to go towards renovating the home side shower rooms (we’re down to just the one working shower head and I know you lads like to keep clean), but something has come up. I’ve been contacted by a local business firm who are saying that, in return for some advertising boards and shirt branding, they can completely replace the conservatory roof of the club house at a discounted price. If we pull together what we made from the Pong marathon last year and factor in the reduced price, I reckon we’d need to make around £1000 to do the whole thing.

I know that’s a big ask, not only to go without proper facilities for another season, but also to try and raise more money than we have ever done before, but I believe we can do it. Here’s what I propose:

Ok, so look at ‘Matty’ the mattress. What I suggest is we all take some time to design and create our own novelty mascot costumes. Everyone pairs up in a team of two, one wears the mascot costume and their partner acts as a guide. Now here’s the twist: instead of running a short distance, we setup a 10k run in and around Eve’s Ham. Just imagine it, 20 or so colourful mascots with a corresponding partner in our new shirts, running round the town. The amount of publicity we’d get would be great and its something that the whole family could enjoy.

At the finish line we can get Joy and Dave to set up their fantastic burger van to raise a bit of extra cash, and I’m sure Joanne and the girls wouldn’t mind pulling an all day shift on the bar. Add this cash to the money that we can raise as individuals and we’ll hit out target in no time!

As always I’m more than happy to take any comments or suggestions; just shoot me an email, or better still, give me a call. Here’s a little motivational message to get us all fired up:

evesham inspiration
Let’s do this for the future of the club!

All the Best

Jeff ‘Bully’ Cowston

Chairman, Eve’s Ham Rugby Club