Bringing the Community Together with Rugby

We’ve only got a few weeks left to go before the start of the rugby season!

The summer break is always a good time for us to reflect on the past season and what we need to do to improve ourselves – ¬†as players and members. I wrote last time about how we’ll be making some changes to how selection works this season, this will hopefully usher in a new era of winning for Eve’s Ham, but I don’t want this change in attitude to only be felt by the players.

There’s an old saying that states that ‘a club is nothing without it’s supporters’ – I believe that applies to every level of competitive sports; from the biggest of International Tests to the competitive heights of the Aviva Premiership, right down to us here in the C Division Northern League.

We’ve been blessed here in Eve’s Ham to receive the support of the entire village, in addition to the families and friends of our First and Second team. The Rugby Club has been operating in some form for the last 80 years or so; no mean feat and it’s thanks to this constant support that we’ve been able to keep our coffers healthily stocked and our stands full of people.

With this is in mind, I’m happy to announce that the Committee will be scheduling a program of events this year that will hopefully appeal to both the supporters and the players alike. For the last few years we’ve always been overwhelmed by the response that we’ve got for our end of Season awards Presentation nights. The sheer number of people who apply for tickets each year exemplifies the demand in the area for more of these social occasions, so we’re going to be responding to that demand!

A sports club is more than a place for men and women to compete at, it’s a centre of the community – we’ll be reflecting that in the events that we put on this year. To kick off the proceedings, we’ll be putting on another Fun Day this Summer. Once more, all the takings from the day will be going towards the maintenance of the club and purchasing of new training equipment for the teams playing there.

This will be an event that will be completely family-friendly – with games, competitions, food and drink for everyone. We’ll also have the added treat of live music from The Bluesy Rascals, as well as a load of young performers and bands from the local area. The music will be playing from 2pm onwards and will probably finish up at about 11pm. This is a great opportunity for the supporters of the club to get to know the players and for us to start forging some real connection with the rest of the community.

All of our players, from both the Seniors and Juniors will have a job to do and we’ll hope that the older players hold off from drinking too much until the lion share of the day’s work is completed.

There’ll be more details to come in the next few weeks, so make sure to keep an eye on the village bulletin board and on here!

All the best

Jeff ‘Bully’ Cowston

Chairman, Eve’s Ham Rugby Club